Add a note here Over the past several years, switching has evolved from simple Layer 3 switches to switches supporting Layer 4 through Layer 7 features, such as server load balancing, URL inspection, firewalls, VPNs, access-based control, and so on, with large port densities. The multilayer switch has become an all-in-one component of the network infrastructure. As a result of this evolution, enterprise and service providers are deploying multilayer switches in place of multiple network components, such as routers and network appliances. Switching is no longer a part of the network infrastructure; it is now the network infrastructure, with wireless as the latest evolution.

Add a note hereAs enterprises, service providers, and even consumers deploy multilayer switching, the need for experienced and knowledgeable professionals to design, configure, and support the multilayer switched networks has grown significantly. CCNP and CCDP certifications offer the ability for network professionals to prove their competency.

Add a note hereCCNP and CCDP are more than résumé keywords. Individuals who complete the CCNP and CCDP certifications truly prove their experience, knowledge, and competency in networking technologies. A CCNP certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to install, configure, and operate LAN, WAN, and dial access services for midsize to large networks deploying multiple protocols. A CCDP certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to design high-performance, scalable, and highly available routed and switched networks involving LAN, WAN, wireless, and dial access services.

Add a note hereBoth the CCNP and CCDP certification tracks require you to pass the SWITCH 642-813 exam. For the most up-to-date information about Cisco certifications, visit the following website: www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/learning_career_certifications_and_learning_paths_home.html.

Add a note here Objectives and Methods

Add a note hereThis book’s content is based on the Cisco SWITCH course that has recently been introduced as part of the CCNP curriculum; it provides knowledge and examples in the area of implementing Cisco switched networks. It is assumed that the reader possesses as much Cisco background as is covered in the Cisco ROUTE and TSHOOT courses. The content of this book is enough to prepare the reader for the SWITCH exam, too. Note that the e-learning content of the Cisco SWITCH course has been integrated into this book.

Add a note hereTo accomplish these tasks, this text includes in-depth theoretical explanations of SWITCH topics and provides illustrative design and configuration examples. The theoretical explanations of SWITCH topics include background information, standards references, and document listings from Cisco.com. This book goes beyond just presenting the necessary information found on the certification exam and in the SWITCH course. This book attempts to present topics, theory, and examples in such a way that you truly understand the topics that are necessary to build multilayer switched networks in today’s demanding networks. The examples and questions found in the chapters of this book make you contemplate and apply concepts found in each chapter. The goal is to have you understand the topics and then apply your understanding when you attempt the certification exam or take the SWITCH course.

Add a note hereChapter review questions help readers evaluate how well they absorbed the chapter content. The questions are also an excellent supplement for exam preparation

Cisco Certifications and Exams

Add a note hereCisco offers four levels of routing and switching certification, each with an increasing level of proficiency: Entry, Associate, Professional, and Expert. These are commonly known by their acronyms CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician), CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional), and CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert). There are others, too, but this book focuses on the certifications for enterprise networks.

Add a note hereFor the CCNP certification, you must pass exams on a series of CCNP topics, including the SWITCH, ROUTE, and TSHOOT exams. For most exams, Cisco does not publish the scores needed for passing. You need to take the exam to find that out for yourself.

Add a note hereTo see the most current requirements for the CCNP certification, go to Cisco.com and click Training and Events. There you can find out other exam details such as exam topics and how to register for an exam.

Add a note hereThe strategy you use to prepare for the SWITCH exam might differ slightly from strategies used by other readers, mainly based on the skills, knowledge, and experience you have already obtained. For instance, if you have attended the SWITCH course, you might take a different approach than someone who learned switching through on-the-job training. Regardless of the strategy you use or the background you have, this book helps you get to the point where you can pass the exam with the least amount of time required.

How This Book Is Organized

Add a note here This book is organized such that the fundamentals of multilayer switched network design are covered in the first chapters. Thereafter, the book continues with a discussion of implementation of the design features such as VLAN, Spanning Tree, and inter-VLAN routing in the multilayer switched environment. This book is organized as follows:

  • Add a note here Chapter 1, “Analyzing the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture—This chapter opens with a brief introdution to Cisco campus network architectures and designs. The chapter continues with a brief review of switching terminology for campus networks, followed by an introduction to Cisco switches. The chapter then continues with a of discussion of campus design fundamentals. Lastly, the chapter closes by introducting the PPDIOO Lifecycle Approach to Network Design and Implementation.

  • Add a note here Chapter 2, “Implementing VLANs in Campus Networks”—This chapter covers implemenation of virtual LANs (VLAN) in a given campus network, including discussions on private VLANs, VTP, and 802.1Q trunking. In addition, this chapter covers implementation of EtherChannel in an enterpruse network.

  • Add a note here Chapter 3, “Implementing Spanning Tree—This chapter discusses the various Spanning Tree protocols, such as PVRST+ and MST, with overview and configuration samples. This chapter also continues the discussion with advanced Cisco STP enhancements and spanning-tree troubleshooting methodology.

  • Add a note here Chapter 4, “Implementing Inter-VLAN Routing—This chapter transitions into discussing Layer 3 switching by covering inter-VLAN routing. The chapter then continues with the discussion on Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). In addition, it discusses Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF)–based multilayer switching.

  • Add a note here Chapter 5, “Implementing High Availability and Redundancy in a Campus Network—This chapter covers the introduction to high availability in campus networks, followed by methodology on how to build resilient networks. This chapter continues to describe the tools available to monitor high availability such as SNMP and IP Service Level Agreement (SLA). This chapter concludes with available high availability options for switch supervisor engine and gateway redundancy protocols such as Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP), Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), and Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP).

  • Add a note here Chapter 6, “Securing the Campus Infrastructure—This chapter covers the potential campus security risks and how to mitigate them through features such as DCHP snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI), and IP Source Guard. The chapter then continues to cover how to secure the switch device, and troubleshooting tools and techniques such as Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) and Remote SPAN.

  • Add a note here Chapter 7, “Preparing the Campus Infrastructure for Advanced Services—This chapter discusses the application of advanced services to Cisco switches. The three main services discussed in this chapter are IP telephony (voice), video, and wireless. Moreover, because these advanced services require additional switch features for implementation, topics such as QoS and IP multicast are also discussed.

642-813 SWITCH Exam Topics (Blueprint)

Exam Description

Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH 642-813) is a qualifying exam for the Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP®, and Cisco Certified Design Professional CCDP® certifications. The SWITCH 642-813 exam will certify that the successful candidate has important knowledge and skills necessary to to plan, configure and verify the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions using Cisco’s Campus Enterprise Architecture. The SWITCH exam also covers secure integration of VLANs, WLANs, voice and video into campus networks.

Exam Topics

The following information provides general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

Implement VLAN based solution, given a network design and a set of requirements

  • Determine network resources needed for implementing a VLAN based solution on a network
  • Create a VLAN based implementation plan
  • Create a VLAN based verification plan
  • Configure switch-to-switch connectivity for the VLAN based solution
  • Configure loop prevention for the VLAN based solution
  • Configure Access Ports for the VLAN based solution
  • Verify the VLAN based solution was implemented properly using show and debug commands
  • Document the verification after implementing a VLAN solution

Implement a Security Extension of a Layer 2 solution, given a network design and a set of requirements

  • Determine network resources needed for implementing a Security solution
  • Create a implementation plan for the Security solution
  • Create a verification plan for the Security solution
  • Configure port security features
  • Configure general switch security features
  • Configure private VLANs
  • Configure VACL and PACL
  • Verify the Security based solution was implemented properly using show and debug commands
  • Document the verification results after implementing a Security solution

Implement Switch based Layer 3 services, given a network design and a set of requirements

  • Determine network resources needed for implementing a Switch based Layer 3 solution
  • Create an implementation plan for the Switch based Layer 3 solution
  • Create a verification plan for the Switch based Layer 3 solution
  • Configure routing interfaces
  • Configure Layer 3 Security
  • Verify the Switch based Layer 3 solution was implemented properly using show and debug commands
  • Document the verification results after implementing a Switch based Layer 3 solution

Prepare infrastructure to support advanced services

  • Implement a Wireless Extension of a Layer 2 solution
  • Implement a VoIP support solution
  • Implement video support solution

Implement High Availability, given a network design and a set of requirements

  • Determine network resources needed for implementing High Availability on a network
  • Create a High Availability implementation plan
  • Create a High Availability verification plan
  • Implement first hop redundancy protocols
  • Implement switch supervisor redundancy
  • Verify High Availability solution was implemented properly using show and debug commands
  • Document results of High Availability implementation and verification


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